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My name means "easy" or "Killer of Camel".it is a Repugnance in My Name. I come from kurdistan-Marivan-Sarvabad.But My Brithplace is Nodeshah-Pavah-kermanshah.I like computer & programing.Now I live in Dormitory.I Love Joke And Being With My Friends.In Vacation Time I study.
Hi, I'm Yasser Rahmany.

It is the symbol of "IUST".My university full of trees & flowers & plants.It is a Industrial university In Tehran City.Very Big Space and professors .Many Departments and Students.studying and walking in hear gusto.But passing the lessons is HARD,it required to reading like Donkey or skludaggery.Many of Student Don't Reading Good and Always Chating in Site.But The Future is Alight.

The Move
At first, I didn't know what to think about Web. Now, we think it's pretty for design. There's lots of room to run around, and the Internet is great. We do miss all our friends in E-mail, but I'm sure we'll visit often. I miss your adea in mailbox. We (all) miss the sun and the beach.

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